About Us

Let’s Work Canada is a trusted provider of specialized staffing advice and solutions for temporary & permanant placement needs. Placing eligible candidates in a wide range roles for ten years, we work on a personal level with businesses throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Our company is founded on the belief that effective staffing is achieved through intelligent problem solving. With a customized, one-on-one service we find the right placements for your positions.

Much of our time is dedicated to finding the best candidates for our team. We take the necessary time to know and understand each individual applicant so that we are in a position to make the perfect match between employer and employee. Our success is evident in our retention levels, which are among the highest in the industry. The process starts with the candidate, but it ends with you. Let’s Work Canada is here to provide you with value-added staffing services that are flexible, productive and cost effective.

By building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients, Let’s Work Canada is able to deeply understand the businesses it serves. We learn your needs, identify the challenges you face and recommend specific staffing solutions to improve your business. Our services give you the ability to concentrate on your day-to-day business operations while we focus on finding you the staff to help your business reach its true potential.

Wherever possible, Let’s Work Canada makes a point of going the extra mile. Through the establishment of strong relationships with our clients, we are able to deeply understand the businesses we serve. With this knowledge behind us, we efficiently and effectively work as a team to fill each position with a skilled worker you can rely on. When you can trust the people who work for you, your business has the ability to reach its true potential.